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Shield Tax Relief Services LLC provides quick, precise, and accurate personal income tax services. In addition to our services for corporations, small businesses, and self employed people, Shield Tax Relief Services LLC is happy to make sure your taxes get filed accurately and on time, no matter how simple or complicated your personal income situation might be.

Too many people lose too much of their time trying to work out the details of their personal income tax all alone. I know how to take the guess work, labor, hassle, and frustration out of your personal income tax preparation.

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How Can Shield Tax Relief Services LLC Help Me With My Personal Tax Preparation?

I think staying informed about your specific personal income tax situation is important, and know that the quickest and easiest way to get the best information possible is to hire a personal tax preparer

I Make Personal Tax Preparation Easy

Most people don’t have complicated personal taxes. If you don’t file joint taxes with your spouse and you don’t have any dependents, your part of the personal tax preparation process should be relatively quick and easy. The complicated part of personal tax preparation comes with filling out the necessary forms and documents, knowing exactly how and when to file, anticipating any extra forms and documents are required for your specific situation, and staying up to date on recent changes to law and policy around personal tax preparation.

I am ready to provide you with a shortcut to an easy tax season.

Let Us Figure Out the Complicated Parts of Your Tax Return

If you’re filing a joint return with your partner or spouse, or you have children or other dependents, you have multiple income streams, or other financial details that reflect the richness and complexity of your life, personal income tax preparation can get a bit more complicated.

A person filing alone can waste hours, if not days, scouring tax law documents trying to figure it out themselves. These documents are long, complicated, and full of jargon, and require cross-referencing and a background in knowing how all these laws and policies fit together.

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With a little planning and the right help, you can avoid becoming one of the millions of Americans who deal with the stress and expense of an improperly filed return every year. I am here to help. Contact us now!

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