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Are you unable to pay off your tax debt in a lump sum amount? Could you face fines or levies for failing to pay your tax debts in a timely manner? If you’re facing this situation, turn to the attentive and skilled team at Shield Tax Relief Services LLC.

Our professional tax experts provide reliable and personalized guidance in tax collections to offer you reliable solutions to consolidate and pay off your tax liabilities. We’ll help you work out a solution to pay off your debt in installments, allowing you to get back in good standing without declaring bankruptcy or resorting to other measures.

If you have mounting tax debts that you’re looking to get settled in a reasonable manner that suits your situation, enlist our skilled team to work for you. Give us a call today to set up your consultation.

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We Help You Resolve Your Tax Liabilities

Shield Tax Relief Services LLC will work with you from start to finish to reach a full resolution of your tax debt situation. We perform several services to assist you in settling matters with the IRS, including filing appeals for unfavorable decisions, reaching out to the IRS personally, and assisting you with filing and confirming receipts with the IRS, depending on the requirements of your case.

We can even help you stay on top of your payments with routine reminders and help you handle your other tax requirements, so you remain in good standing with the IRS. We’re your trusted resource when dealing with federal tax agencies, and we’re here to serve your best interests.

How an Installment Agreement Can Help You

When they’ve reached a significant amount, tax liabilities can be challenging for most people to pay off in a single transaction. The chief reason is that the majority don’t have high liquidity with their assets to provide such a large amount of cash upfront. However, ignoring the tax debt or allowing it to accumulate higher slowly can only backfire.

The key to properly managing your tax debts is having the right skills on your side throughout the process. Shield Tax Relief Services LLC can help you set up an affordable strategic installment agreement for you to pay regularly. Once a decision has been reached on your payment plan, the notices threatening wage levies, garnishment, and bank levies will cease, lifting a significant weight from your mind.

Have Top-Rated Tax Specialists Work for You

At Shield Tax Relief Services LLC, we have top-rated tax specialists who will be on your side as you navigate your tax payment requirements. We’ll work with you to offer trusted insights and find options that match your time constraints, available resources, and business needs.

Our goal is to ensure you walk away with complete freedom from aggressive debt collection tactics. We’ll help negotiate with the government agency on your behalf to settle on a solution that benefits all parties involved.

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Approach complex financial decisions with sound guidance from professionals who fully understand tax law and procedures. There may be more options than you are aware of or further steps to take to qualify for certain benefits that work in your favor.

Shield Tax Relief Services LLC is here to provide you with a complete set of dedicated resources to reach the best settlement for your case. Contact us at (571) 633-5362 to obtain the proper tax relief strategy for you.

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