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Shield Tax Relief Services LLC is a family run company that has been doing taxes for over 32 years and provides concierge service that is personalized for each individual.  We will take the burden of taxes off your hands and shield you from the IRS.  While we can't promise that you will end up with no tax liability, we will fight for the best solution to your problems.

If you need help in resolving your tax problems please schedule a call for a free 30 minute consultation to see if we can be of service. Contact us now at (571) 633-5362.

Located in Herndon servicing Herndon, Fairfax, Alexandria and surrounding areas

Shield Tax Relief Services LLC Provides Individualized Tax Services

Everyone who comes looking for help with their taxes deserves to be treated with the same care, attention, and excellent service. Finding the best tax service is about finding the one that works for you. No two taxpayers have the exact same tax needs, which is why each individual is reviewed carefully.  One thing is for sure—you should be skeptical of anyone who can give you a dollar figure in deductions or refunds without taking a thorough look at your financial information.

Trust Your Qualified Tax Professional

Tax law is an enormous network of law and policy on federal, state, and local levels, which often affect each other. Small details about your income or assets could make a big difference in the way your return has to be completed, and which benefits you can expect. A good rule of thumb is to try not to plan your tax future until a qualified professional has spent some time with you, learning the details about your unique situation. The best income tax services are honest ones, not ones that reel you in with empty promises.

Local Tax Services You Can Rely On

If you’re looking for a tax professional, a good idea is to go local. Tax services that service a specific region often know more about that local region’s tax laws. Many tax laws are different in every single state, and those laws can be affected by the rules and regulations of smaller areas.

Contact Us Now for the Most Trusted Tax Services

I can promise you one thing: everyone who comes looking for tax help will be treated with dignity and respect—which means that you can trust us to tell you the truth about how to plan your tax future, or work on your annual return. I know you’re just as valuable as every other person, but I'm also interested in what makes you and your financial story unique.

For more information about our services, and what I can do for you, contact us now!

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